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Martin Binzen

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About me

Professional change and development, new orientation and the identification of individual perspectives for each person has always been and still is the focus of my professional existence. It was and is always my special concern to find the best individual solution for everyone, to define a goal and to come closer to it step by step.

The decisive factor here is to view the individual person in his or her uniqueness in a holistic way; each person brings with them their own weaknesses, but also their very own strengths, resources and (not infrequently also hidden) abilities and talents. I see it as my task as a coach to make this inner treasure visible and usable for the client and thus lead to the individual achievement of a client’s goals. In my opinion, it is of paramount importance to define realistic steps of change and to implement them step by step. Changes are sometimes very strenuous and demanding, all the more important are carefully planned realistic steps and the knowledge that these steps can take several attempts.

In my opinion, a coaching session is only successful if the client assesses that it was successful. The elaborated and formulated goal of the client is my unconditional mandate.


  • Certified Systemic Personal Coach (ECA)
  • Certified Systemic Business Coach (ECA)
  • Dipl. Social Pedagogue
  • Certified rehabilitation specialist
  • Numerous and continuous further and advanced training courses (communication, presentation, moderation, project management, EDP, self-image and external image, change management, seminar presentations, etc.).

Short biography

  • Active for over 15 years in various areas of education, training and continuing education
  • Further education and training in health and social care as organizer, coordinator, consultant and trainer
  • 6 years of experience in vocational orientation, training and further education, vocational preparation and individual support for job-seekers and people in the process of professional reorientation and change of direction
  • 4 years as a manager with responsibility for personnel, content and disciplinary management as well as budget responsibility
  • Many years of intensive cooperation with coaches and trainers from the areas of health and social services, industry and commercial-technical fields, commercial areas as well as the service sector.
  • Conception, planning and implementation of individual career paths (from professional orientation to specialist qualifications)


Member of several informal networks on the topics of coaching, further education and consulting

Others about me

Your individual, unconventional approach in your coaching sessions is your strength and thus you always succeed in opening the framework for me and creating space for something new. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing it before. They leave room for development and have the courage to break new ground. You do this in a very sensitive and creative way. Thanks for that!

You have a strong personality and face problems and challenges. Self-critical and at the same time questioning, you look at the big picture.

In coaching, you take me through the process charmingly, honestly, purposefully and with a phenomenal calmness. You sensitively pick up on moods and fluctuations and incorporate these insights into your coaching. In conversation you are open and trustworthy. I think you’re a rock.