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Anne Schneider

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About me

Every behaviour is a resource, depending on the context – with this sentence I started my training as a systemic personal & business coach, without having really understood what it meant at that time. Today, as a trained coach, this statement continues to fascinate me in different ways and forms my personal mission statement.

Why? Early on in my private and professional life, I noticed that every behavior follows a certain reason. Some time ago I questioned reasons, today I am convinced that it is more purposeful to respect reasons as given, in order to no longer turn to the past, but to open and sharpen the view for the future.

I have made it my business not only to take this approach to heart for myself, but to actively exemplify it in such a way that everyone in my coaching sessions is given the opportunity to shape his or her own world the way he or she likes it – and even better, the way it should be for the individual. The aim is to be free and creative: in thinking, in acting and above all in finding solutions.

This corresponds to how I am and would like to be: an empathetic interlocutor, a goal-oriented supporter, a charismatic cheerful nature, an always active challenge-seeker, an honest trust-giver, a positive forward-looking realist, but above all a person who puts the goals of the individual at the center of her actions.


  • Systemic Personal & Business Coach (ECA certified), Coaching Academy Berlin
  • Master of Science in Business Psychology, FOM Hochschule für Oekonomie & Management
  • Bachelor of Arts Business Administration, FOM Hochschule für Oekonomie & Management
  • ESOL BEC Vantage, University of Cambridge

Short biography

  • Organisational and process consultant for a service company in the IT industry
  • Operations Manager at a leading logistics company for an international trading company with operational responsibility for up to seven branches and training as a Systemic Personal & Business Coach
  • Team Assistant Operations Management at a leading logistics company and part-time Master’s degree with a focus on business psychology
  • Dual bachelor studies in economics with a focus on business administration and logistics at a leading logistics company

Others about me

In every coaching session you radiate a calmness that feels comfortably warm to me. For me it is noticeable that you have great respect for me and your fellow men and trust that they themselves are experts for their solutions. This has always given me personal confidence and strengthened my faith in myself. Your talent for hypnotic speech patterns is a definite highlight.

With every coaching session I notice your energy, spontaneity and empathy. With your unbiased and natural manner you create an open and trusting atmosphere, which you use self-critically and with the necessary respect to accompany even challenging situations of your clients in a goal-oriented and structured way.

In our coaching sessions you managed to separate the essential from the non-essential with an unmistakable ease and to ask the questions that were important to me. Your thoughtful approach and the individual focus you set for my problems showed me that any development can be shaped. Today I am many steps closer to my goals.

You show yourself as you are. That makes you and your accomplishments even more valuable to me.