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Peace through energy work with Corinna Enners - Coachingwerk Köln
Peace through energy work with Corinna Enners - Coachingwerk Köln

Energy work

Theaimof energy work is the harmonizationof body, mind and soul. All influencing factors that disturb this harmony have a great impact on our well-being. Do you sometimes wonder why your cold just won’t go away or why you have back pain or migraines again? Why you are tired and exhausted and the recovery periods are getting longer and longer? You go to the doctor, but he can not find the cause?

More and more often we do not get on with conventional medicine and do not know what to do. This is where energy work can help! It increases the joy of life, gives quality of life and supports healing.

Every day we are surrounded by countless energies that influence us positively or negatively. Stress that persists for a long time, but also unpleasant experiences, fears, traumas or pressure to perform leave traces in our energy field, the so-called aura. This disturbs the energy flow and leads to an imbalance. If the life energy in our body is blocked, not only illnesses, pain or lack of strength are the result – the access to our full potential also remains closed.

This is where energy work comes in. Unlike in classical orthodox medicine, the focus here is on the holistic view of the human being. The goal is not only to fight the symptom, but to eliminate the cause – the blockage.

Personal and change coach Corinna Enners

Corinna Enners

What can energy work achieve?

Together we can dissolve obstructing energy blockages and imbalances , so that the energy can flow properly again and body, mind and soul come into harmony. This leads to an improved quality of life and more joy for life. You regain access to your potential and can develop more and more.

Bringing energy back to flow with energy work - Coachingwerk Köln

When is it used ?

Energy work is an effective complement to coaching in which the physical-energetic level is addressed. It can be used for virtually any physical or mental ailment:

  • for headache and backache
  • for tiredness, exhaustion or stress
  • for sleep and digestive disorders
  • for burn-out prevention
  • for support during burn-out treatment/therapy
  • with concentration problems
  • with difficult decisions and desire for change

It is always a good choice when you want to set something in motion to bring about a changein your life and realize your own potential.

How do coaching and energy work differ?

In Coachingwe activate consciousness and subconsciousness to enable a change of perspective. This is the prerequisite for changing one’s own behaviour or certain attitudes. In energy work we support the healing process by releasing blockages and harmonizing body, mind and soul.

Clearing aura and chakras with energy work and personal coach Corinna Enners