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Personal and change coach Corinna Enners

Corinna Enners

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Dear customers and interested parties,

I would like to inform you that I have been offering my services as a coach, trainer and mediator exclusively under the company name ‘Tatkraft Enners’ since January 1, 2024. You can still reach me at info@tatkraft-enners.de.

I decided to break new ground and specialize in the topic of “healthy working”. Under drive, I will focus on topics that promote mental health and productivity in the workplace. My holistic concept also integrates energetic approaches to support teams and managers in developing their full potential. In addition, I will of course continue to be at your disposal for your private and personal concerns.

I really appreciate the time I was able to spend here at Coachingwerk and am grateful for the many valuable encounters and experiences. My commitment to your growth and well-being remains unchanged.

For more information about my new concept and how I can support you, please do not hesitate to contact me. Visit me at https://tatkraft-enners.de/ or contact me at info@tatkraft-enners.de.

Best regards,

Corinna Enners

Corinna Enners

Specialization & offer

  • Leadership & executive coaching
    • New in a management position
    • Women in management positions
    • Healthy leadership
    • Conflicts in teams
  • Mediation (conflict management)
    • Business Mediation
    • Social mediation (separation, inheritance, neighbor disputes, relationship problems, etc.)
  • Health coaching
    • Stress prevention
    • Burnout accompaniment
    • Reintegration
  • Team coaching
  • Employee development (training & coaching)
  • Career coaching/consulting
  • Personal Coaching:
    • All that moves you
  • Energy work / Hypno coaching

Languages: German, English

About me

My philosophy is to support people in overcoming the stumbling blocks of life in both private and professional contexts and to emerge from them strengthened and self-confident, as well as to look to the future without fear.

As a systemic personal, business and team coach, mediator and stress management consultant, I have been accompanying and supporting people in their personal and professional development for over 20 years.

In my role as a major loss expert, I have experienced first-hand the changes and new challenges people are facing as a result of digitalization, globalization, new workplace concepts, and especially the Corona pandemic.

Good stress prevention and stress management are just as important here as proactively dealing with change.

The development and promotion of each individual worker individually and as part of a team, also from a health perspective, is becoming increasingly important.

I am happy to accompany you, your managers, your employees and teams in the challenges you face. Through a high degree of individuality, my experience with corporate structures and the ability to analyze your corporate culture, I will help you to move forward in the best possible way. Through a high degree of individuality, empathy and motivation, I am able to support you in finding the right path for you.


  • Business coaching of executives and specialists
    New to a leadership position, employee development, women in leadership, demeanor, dealing with change, conflict resolution, communication.
  • Mediation
    Conflict resolution through mediation in the professional and private environment
  • Personal and career coaching
    Dealing with change, conflict resolution, crisis management, strengthening strengths, coping with grief, goal and decision making, personality development, work life balance, burnout prevention, support during an illness, professional reorientation.
  • Team development in companies
    Team coaching: improvement of cooperation, increase in productivity, feedback culture, understanding of leadership, training on various topics
  • Energy work
    Support for change, support for the healing process in the case of health complaints and support for the development of one’s own potential


  • Systemic Personal & Business Coach (380 h)
    Coaching Academy Berlin, (ECA certified*)
  • Systemic Team Coach / Team Development (95 h)
    Coaching Academy Berlin, (ECA certified*)
  • Mediator (150h) – legally certified
    Peace Education Center (BM certified)
  • Insurance graduate
  • Instructor
  • Various certificates in the field of energy work
  • Life experience
    *certified by the European Coaching Association

Short biography

2020 – today

  • Mediator

2017 – today

  • Systemic Business, Team & personal coach

2004 – today

  • Major claims adjuster and insurance trainer
  • Training and management of teams
  • Projects: national and international
  • Industries: Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, Steel and Automotive, Logistics, Pharmaceuticals, Media
  • International: worldwide

1994 – today

  • Energy work/ work with people

Others about me

Dear Corinna, thank you again for the open and helpful coaching. You made me feel like you were genuinely interested in my issue and wanted to help me. This coupled with your very calm and empathetic manner gave me a sense of security and confidence. The coaching has lingered and kept me busy for a long time. I now realize that a process of change has begun, which really pleases me. Thanks again for that.

Hello Mrs. Enners, you asked the right questions in a sensitive and insightful way and made me think a lot. This allowed me to change my perspective and look at my subject in a different way. That helped me a lot.

Dear Corinna, through your considerate and understanding way, you catch the client even with difficult issues totally gently. In my eyes you possess an extraordinary empathy, which you express very authentically through sincere sympathy. This also allows you to emotionally guide the client through the entire process in a very caring way, loosening it up at the perfect points with a laugh.